Types of websites we develop

1.Static websites / Basic- Non responsive websites

Imake develops static websites that are not much responsive in design. But they may look gorgeous as a responsive website. We develop static websites as per our client's demand. Even though many of our customers don't have a clear picture what to choose or how my website actually needs to be, so we first listen their needs, then we make an awareness about the websites and web technologies. Static websites were widely used for Organizations or local businesses to keep an identity in the internet just like a business card. I-MAKE created many static websites for local as well as remote clients.
Places we already established our services in static websites development are:- Thodupuzha, Pala, Uzhavoor, Marangattupilly, Ramapuram, Karimkunnam, Neeloor, Kozhimattom, Kurinji, Manathoor, Pizhaku,Kanjirappilly, Vaikom etc. Since we are located in Pala, Kottayam most of our static website clients are from Idukki and Kottayam Districts.

2. Responsive / Mobile/ Tablet friendly Websites.

Responsive websites are really fluid designed websites that they can fit into the user's device screen, For example when we visit some old websites/portals from a mobile device we need to zoom the web page to read its contents. So they are not much user friendly websites for a mobile user. But for a responsive website when the website loaded in desktop it appears as the basic design the website has, but when the website loaded from a tablet or mobile phone which have a smaller dimensions than a desktop screen the website first reads the screen width and then arranges the contents as pre-coded. So the user no need to zoom and scroll to read the website contents. Now a day majority of websites are developed as responsive.
Few responsive websites we have developed: Kallya Group Pala:- They are one of the leading industrial group located in pala and thodupuzha, they have thousands of customers, so they approached us to develop an SEO friendly responsive website. So their customers can directly browse their services from mobile phone.

3. Dynamic Websites

Irrespective of the front end design, those websites that have a content management system with a central admin panel are called dynamic websites or CMS websites. So the organization/ Persons can manage the contents on their website just like using a facebook account or blog. The admin can easily add or remove pages/images and text contents from his website. CMS websites usually have updates frequently like they may have products to add on each month or they may need to change the pricing or packages listed on their site. We can implement CMS in different ways, we can implement a software system like Wordpress, Joomal or Droopal or we can create a content management system in a server script language like php or .net. We usually do websites in php, in php we have different variety of frame works, we develop CMS websites in php frame work as well as in wordpress platform. I-MAKE always implement a dynamic website in responsive front end design.

4. Shopping Cart Websites/ E-Commerce websites

E commerce websites are CMS websites with a payment gateway. So the customers can sell their products directly through their websites. When end users or customers buy a product from a shopping cart website the owner gets a direct payment through bank transfer from the end users account to his account through internet. Now day majority of business are done through these kind of e commerce websites. It's best examples are amazone.com, flipcart etc.

SEO Friendly

We offer google friendly designs so that there is always an assuarity that your website is an optimized one.

Social Media

We create social media pages for your business and the site urls will be submiied to the search engines


Together we can make stunning pages, we analyze your design tastes and do it exactly

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